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  • Measuring Tape

    Brand : Hans

    Specs : Various Sizes

    SKU : FP-MT-Hans

    $3.21$10.70 incl. GST
  • Vernier Caliper

    Brand : Unior

    Style : Accuracy: 0,02mm/0,001". Measurement of internal dimensions, of external dimensions, of depth, of steps.

    Specs : Dual scale in inch and mm.

    SKU : Unior V271

    $74.90 incl. GST
  • Maped Magnifier Glass

    Brand : Maped

    Style : Magnifiers have a magnification factor of 3. Non deforming tinted glass.

    Specs : Available in 50mm and 75mm Diameter.

    SKU : Maped 039

    $6.21$6.85 incl. GST

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